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My son had his first high school test recently.


In English there was a question like this;


A: Oh no! We don’t have any eggs! あらま!卵がない!

B: I know, I buy some today. 知ってるよ!今日買いに行くわ。

Is it correct to put


1) will or

2) am going to

What do you think? The correct answer is 2) be going to.

正解は・・・・・2)be going toです。

Both “will” and “be going to” are used to talk about the future but

the difference is when you decided to do it.

「will」も「be going to」も未来にする行動を表わしています。


If you decide before you speak, use “be going to”.

If you decide at the time you are speaking, we use “will”.

もし発言する前からすでに決めていたら「be going to」(〜しようと思ってる)


Please see below for Japanese translation.



「そやねん、今日買いに行こうと思ってた」→「be going to」と言ったところ


In the question above person B already knew that there were no

eggs, so she had already planned to buy some. Use “going to”.


事前に知っていたので「be going to」を使うのが自然です。

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