Toddler Book Series

A gentle introduction into English. Focusing on a few key phrases and a range of vocabulary.

​One of a kind

This series of 6 books are truly unique. Each copy is completed by the student, completing all pages for their own situation. For example, in the I like (food) lesson, if the student does not like any of the food, they do not have to indicate so. In addition, each book is personalized with some pages containing the students's own face, one of the YouTube videos will feature their face parts which they have to identify and we supply a front cover for each book which includes the faces of all the students in one class. 

​Real world English

​The content of the series was researched in real world situations; my children were of kindergarten age while I was writing the book and I would note down everything that they wanted to tell me. I then tried to take the more simple/useful structures to include in the book. We believe that we shouldn't be telling students what to say, but giving them the tools to allow them to say what they want.


All lessons have an accompanying YouTube video. They are free to watch and each video is between 7 to 15 minutes, with whole book reviews running to over an hour at times. The videos serve two purposes. The first is to review lesson content through repetition. Although material is repeated, it is presented in a new, fun way so the children don't get bored. The second is to act as homework practice. Almost all of the worksheets contain a quiz that can only be completed by watching YouTube. All the main language is also written into the videos, allowing for basic reading.


​Each book is sold as a PDF. The pages need to be printed at your school and handed to students. After one book is finished, they can be bound into a simple book. We provide a free flashcard set (as a digital copy that needs to be printed and laminated), word file containing convenient lesson handouts for parents, alphabet and phonics worksheets that can be printed on the back of worksheets, and 3 Halloween and Christmas lessons. There is also a teacher's guide to help you get the best from the series.


​How to order

Each book is available for 800 yen, this includes all personalization of each book. 

Please find details, sample pages, and YouTube playlists below. 

​To order or for any questions, please use the contact button.

Toddler Book 1

The first book in our series. A gentle introduction to English. 

Main vocabulary

feelings, colors, numbers 1-10, food, my things, family, weather, shapes, animals, face parts, verbs

Main structures

I'm ..., my ..., I like, I can/can't, It's  ...

Toddler Book 2

Our second book, still keeping things simple but with an increased vocabulary range and a few more structures.

Main vocabulary

my things, colors, greetings, weather, shapes, face parts, verbs, body parts, food, big/small

Main structures

I'm ..., my ..., I don't like, I can/can't, It's ..., I want ..., I'm sorry, Here you are.

​Kinder Book 1

Suitable for higher kindergarten or lower elementary school level. More vocabulary and variety of sentences.

Main vocabulary

food, verbs, feelings, family, animals, fruit, big/small, jobs, he/she/you, my things, colors, prepositions

Main structures

​I'm ..., I like/don't like ..., I can/can't  ..., He's/She's ..., It's ...,

Do you like ...?, Can you ...?, I'm eating/drawing ..., I want ...

​Kinder Book 2

More question work introduced in Kinder Book 2. 

Main vocabulary

food, animals, colors, shapes, numbers 11-20, adjectives,

face parts, body parts, clothes, toys, verbs, 

Main structures

What food do you like?, Listen!, It's ..., More ..., He's/She's ..., I'm wearing ..., a.../ ...s, ​Ouch! My ..., I can/can't ..., Let's ...

(Animal) has a  (adjective) (noun). I have/don't have ...,

​Kinder Book 3

A wider variety of structures in this book. A step up in the level of vocabulary, too.

Main vocabulary

months, numbers 20-200, fruit, animals, colors, clothes, adjectives, tastes, symptoms, weather, verbs, days of the week, left, right, upsidedown

Main structures

My birthday is ..., I'm ..., She's/He's wearing ..., He can/can't ..., What color is ...?, She's/He's taller etc..., Here's your ...,

I have a (symptom), What ... do you like?, Let's ..., ​On I ...,

I want/don't want ..., I spy with my little eye, Spot the difference

​Kinder Book 4

The last book in the series. Time, maths and other such higher level concepts introduced.

Main vocabulary

​vocabulary from previous books + verbs, feelings, colors, animals, slowly/quickly, prepositions, ingredients, time

Main structure

I can/can't, I have/don't have, I like/don't like, I'm/I'm not ..., She's/He's, What's in the box?, It's/They are ...,

Can your mummy ...?, How many ...s?, What's next?, 

He/she likes/doesn't like ..., number plus number equals ...,

I'm cooking ..., I like him/her, ​I ate ..., It's (time)

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